Curvy, and proud of it!
 Curvy, and proud of it!

Curvy, and proud of it!

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18 jun 2018

Bananas are Earth’s most recognizable fruit. Is it because of its bright and bubbly yellow hue? Or is it because of its quirky, fun shape? Or simply because of its delicious sweet taste? You may argue that it’s a combination of all three, and we certainly agree with you!


Have you ever found yourself pondering the meaning of life, and why those bananas are curved and not straight? Well, we can’t help you with the meaning of life, but we sure can tell you why bananas are curved and give you a reason to smile!

Drum roll, please... It’s because of the sun! Bananas are curved so they can retrieve sunlight.

Bananas go through a process called ‘negative geotropism’. I bet you’re asking yourself how bananas could ever be negative.

What it means is that bananas grow away from the ground, instead of growing towards it, hence the ‘negative’ geotropism. Can you blame them? Who doesn’t love the sun!

But, never underestimate a Chiquita banana. This funky, yellow fruit is extremely clever-maybe that’s why it gets called ‘brain food’. Bananas originate in the rainforest, and if they grow towards the small rays of light that pass through the thick foliage, the plant would grow crooked and risk to topple over. So, bananas do not grow directly towards the sun rays but grow upwards to break through the canopy. How’s that for evolution!


Then, the effect of gravity kicks in. As the banana grows upwards, gravity starts to drag it down towards the ground. Bananas, with all their force, try to stay upright and mind you, they do a great job of it. But the force of gravity gives them that lovely, odd, curvy shape.

Once nature and gravity have played their part in the creation of bananas, Chiquita’s skilled and motivated employees step in. They are the ones who ensure the Chiquita bananas in your fruit bowl are of optimum quality and freshness, and above all, sustainable. 


Read more about Chiquita’s passion for sustainability here-from recycling farms, water, and waste, to making use of their resources.

Each Chiquita banana passes through a series of strict quality control checks before being granted the Blue Sticker to make sure it is perfect for our consumers. This Blue Sticker goes beyond representing only a brand. For Chiquita, the Blue Sticker represents quality, sustainability, being a good neighbor, and working for the greater good.

There you have it! The mystery behind our beloved curved fruit with the infamous Blue Sticker.