Chiquita vested in biodiversity protection as part of Sustainability efforts

Corporate News
12 jan 2018

Chiquita invests in increasing the wildlife and forestry, as well as protecting local communities towards sustainability.

Nogal wildlife reserve in the Sarapiqui region of Costa Rica Rica, is a protected area founded in 2004 in collaboration between Chiquita Brands and key Retailer partners, to promote the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

The alliance has three single-minded objectives:

  1. Provide biodiversity conservation in the long-term.
  2. Raise awareness with the communities through enviromental education.
  3. Promote local community participation.


Chiquita is committed to be a role model of active cooperation. In May 2017 and for the fourth consecutive year, Chiquita was recognized by the Costa Rica program “Bandera Azul Ecológica” in the category “Protected Natural Enviroments” for its efforts in the Nogal reserve| Refugio de Vida Silvestre El Nogal.

In 2017, the company made some robust advancements supported by the Rainforest Alliance and the German Society for International Cooperation, GIZ.

  • Three new species were registered during wildlife tracking: a tapir— the largest terrestrial mammal in Costa Rica, a bell bird and a yellow spotted lizard. These findings indicate that the Nogal reserve has wildlife connections to and from other forested reserves.
  • Chiquita is an active member of the biological corridor San Juan–La Selva, partnering with local communities and authorities to protect key ecosystems. Chiquita donated  almost 900 trees grown at the Nogal reserve to Development Associations and Community Organizations that work on reforestation and environmental protection.
  • Another reforestation initiative— in partnership with local farmers and with the oversight of Agriculture— included planting trees in the abandonded, former baseball field in Nogal. This will enable a cutback of the cost of land’s maintenance, and the reduction of potential land invasions from the Sucio river floods, improving the lives of the local communities.
  • In early 2018, Chiquita will submit an application for the Nogal reserve to be recognized as a private wildlife refuge which will result in increased protection from illegal logging.

“Chiquita´s long-term efforts to protect the environment are valued by our stakeholders. In 2017, managers from Key Retailers ALDI US, Walmart, Albert Heijn and the pineapple grower Upala Agrícola traveled to the Nogal Resort to witness how Chiquita has been contributing over the last 13 years to improve the quality of life of the locals”, said Chiquita Brands International’s president and CEO, Andrew Biles.